2021, February 24


 Yamaha and motorcycle taxis : a relationship of Trust

 In some countries, motorcycles play the role of taxi’s which is usually reserved for cars. This is the case in Africa and more particularly in West Africa with the Zemidjan known as "Zem" in Benin Republic, the Benskin’s in Cameroon, Boda Boda in Kenya and Okada in Nigeria.  This paid service provides a mode of transportation for people or small equipment.

 In the continent, there is no doubt that the Yamaha brand is THE REFERENCE for motorcycle taxis;  the drivers greatly appreciate its robustness, quality, and level of service in the Yamaha network.

 Why this success?  It is due to the power of its engines, to the comfort of its different models, but also to low consumption.

 This mode of transport is clearly generalized. An economical glaring choice of movement from one point to another. In a context where access to certain areas is increasingly restrictive, the brand has been able to adapt, and it is widely represented on the African continent through the network of CFAO branches.

 As part of our everyday life, Yamaha motorcycle and taxis play an essential role in urban mobility. Special attention is paid to the motorcycle taxi community “Loyal customers and first subscribers of Yamaha models”.  The latter plays an essential role in Africa and I can assure you that the opinions of the drivers are valuable” concludes Smith Fagnon, Yamaha Marketing Manager at CFAO Motor Bénin.


The CRUX : more than a model; a true African legend.

How not to fall for the CRUX REV!  Efficient, reliable, and economical with a very loyal clientele for many years.

Its exceptionally low fuel consumption has allowed it to quickly become the reference of its kind amongst individuals, as well as for professionals.

This powerful 110cc model with electric starter comes in very handy, an ideal profile to sneak between cars for everyday use!  Passenger comfort is also one of its many strengths.  The large two-seater saddle provides an incredibly significant transportation capacity.

The Style has not been left out! Conveying bright colors and sleek design, all the elements offer a beautiful homogeneity.

"The CRUX REV is one of our bestsellers and it is no coincidence that this model immediately won over our customers. "Says Ali Ibrahim, Yamaha Sales Manager at CFAO Motor Niger »

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